Whats the best odds on Omonia Olympiacos ?

Omonia – Olympiacos (29 September 2020, 20.00 GMT)


Cyprus versus Greece in this fixture.

The first game ended up being an comfortable and easy win for Greeks from Olympiacos (2-0) and they now have the opportunity to get Champions League football this season and realistically: this shouldn’t be a problem. Winning your first match convincingly and with 2 goals difference should be plenty to proceed. Omonia knows they’ll have to create loads of chances and scoring a few: Olympiacos will get the space they want and need to hurt them on the break. Just like the previous game.

I’m expecting an win for Olympiacos. The odds are at 1.79 at BetPat

Whats the best odds on Omonia Olympiacos with a Olympiacos straight win…

1.79 BetPat

1.75 BetFair

1.75 BetFred

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