Where Dida Milan go wrong. Celtic V AC Milan 2007 the facts

Dida’s night of hell

From Champion league glory to the basement of Europe, the Europa League, where Dida Milan go wrong, We tracked it back to a freak event in 2007. Milan a team full of Pride and Honour,  the best in Europe,  perhaps the World, They came to Celtic Park as European champions, Winning the trophy the previous May In Athens, In what was described as the revenge of Istanbul. Liverpool will tell a much fonder tale a few years before.

Is it all the fault of Dida, Goalkeeper / Mixed Martial Arts Expert (Hardman). Oscar Nominee who died that night at Celtic park (of embarrassment)  in 2007. This resulted in a two match ban from UEFA and an academy award nominee, A 25k fine for Celtic, and a kick in the arse for the 14 year old kid by his dad when he got home.

Seriously ahead of the Celtic v AC Milan Europa League match. The excitement is some times too much even for AC Milan. There has been horrendous acting skills, diving, and just out right embarrassing moments in football. You would be kicked out the house for less in Glasgow.

To the game on the night

It was a typical wet and miserable night in Glasgow. Both teams before the match for instance would take the draw, But European nights at Celtic Park can be a match for anyone.

The Celtic Captain Alan McManus popped up at the back post,  to bundle in a corner from Midfielder Paul Hartley. Dida the Milan Goalkeeper flapped at this cross giving us a idea of what was to come later. The Stadium went wild and the roof almost came off.  Milan not finished. A cross came into the Celtic box , there seemed no danger.  Oh wait the referee point to the spot. Up stepped another Brazilian. The ever wonderful Kaka and he made no mistake from the Spot. 1-1 and we are finished.

Could Celtic dare to dream. A tame hit shot by Gary Caldwell. You thought at the time would have been easy for a goalkeeper of Dida’s Excellence. Oh wait He has spilled it and up steps villain come hero Scott McDonald. To win the game in the most dramatic of circumstances, Well that is what we thought. A over enthusiastic fan enters the fray, a 14 year old boy carried away with the excitement of the night , he gives Dida a slight touch. Initially Dida chases his culprit like he has just found out who shat in his kettle, then like his earlier catching attempt, falls to the floor like he had been poisoned in a 1970’s James Bond film.


The Video above shoes the torture that Dida faced during his famous travels to Glasgow, this will haunt him to the day, and it is with pleasure, we bring it back again, and video below from Gordon Strachan who is asked to comment on the game / incident.


The Downfall of a Giant AC MILAN

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