When is the World Cup qualifying draw, and how will it work?

When is the World Cup qualifying draw, and how will it work?

Fifty-five teams will be drawn into five groups of five and five groups of six. The road to Qatar 2022 begins for European teams on Monday as the World Cup qualifying draw takes place.

Here, the PA news agency gives the lowdown on what to expect.

Where is it happening, and what time does it start?

As with most events in 2020, the draw ceremony will be a virtual event staged in Zurich, the home city of the world governing body and World Cup organisers FIFA.

It is due to start at 1700 GMT.

How will it work?

The 55 nations will be split between 10 groups, five containing five teams and five containing six teams. The teams will be placed in six seeding pots, with pot one containing the highest-ranked sides and pot six the lowest.

Who is in which pot?

England and Wales could be drawn together in World Cup qualifying
England and Wales drawn together in World Cup qualifying (Nick Potts/PA)

England among the top seeds, with Wales in the second pot. Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland all in the third pot, opening up the possibility of some old rivalries renewed.

Which groups will have five teams and which will have six?

Groups A to E will feature five teams, with F to J containing six. England have only got a one in six chance of being in one of the five-team groups. This because fellow top seeds Belgium, France, Italy and Spain, as Nations League finalists, awarded places in five-team groups in order for them to also fit in the UEFA tournament in October next year.

The five teams in pot six drawn into one of the six-team groups.

When will the qualifying matches play?

The games will take place between March and November next year. Qualification play-offs played in March 2022.

How many teams qualify?

  • 55 teams enter qualification.
  • 10 qualify as group winners.
  • 10 enter play-offs as group runners-up.
  • The two highest-ranked teams from 2020-21 Nations League who are not group winners or runners-up enter play-offs.
  • The 12 play-off teams split into three paths.
  • The winner of each path qualifies, making 13 qualifiers from Europe in total.

In total, 13 European countries will feature at Qatar 2022. These will be the 10 group winners, plus three further countries via the play-offs. The play-offs will feature the 10 group runners-up, alongside the two sides ranked highest in the 2020-21 Nations League who have not already qualified as a group winner or secured a runner-up spot. Those 12 teams split into three separate paths, with the winner of each booking a ticket to Qatar.

When will the tournament take place?


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For the first time ever World Cup played in November and December of 2022 to avoid the intense summer heat in the Middle East.

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