Swansea v Millwall

(3 October 2020, 15.00 GMT)

It’s boring but effective what Swansea is doing. The same names, the same formation and the same playing-style throughout this season. Know what I love it, if this is how Swansea are going to continue the season then good on them.

They drew against Birmingham, but won their two other games and still haven’t conceded a goal. Millwall are an annoying opponent though, they don’t give up and are defensively quite sound. However, it won’t be enough from stopping Swansea from scoring I think.

The likes of Ayew and Gibbs-White are looking amazing already.

I spent the day looking over bookmakers and seeing who is offering the best odds for your hard earned or gained by other predictions that I have given you before and this match between Swansea v Millwall has some great betting options from bookies from around the world, and we suggest the following to wager your money on.

That’s why I’m going with Swansea with odds of above 2 are going around.

2.29 BetPat comes in with the best odds here.

The view from bookies its its going to be a close match, but we feel from the current season that this is a day for Swansea.


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