St. Patricks – Shelbourne (26 September, 19.30 GMT)

St. Patricks will host Shelbourne on Saturday evening.

Seven days before, their game with Derry City ended in a 0-0. Guess what the game before that one ended? Yes, also in 0-0. St.

St Patricks probably can’t fill Anfield with their fans, but the ones who are fond of the club are far from enjoying it.

Their team hasn’t scored in over 6 games. Six! That’s an incredible amount of games to not score. In comparison, Shelbourne scored the same amount of goals in their last three games (4) than St. Patrick in their last eleven games.
St. Patrick wouldn’t recognize a goal if it slapped them in the face and I think Shelbourne, at least, won’t lose here.

That’s why I’m going +0.50 Shelbourne with odds of .

St. Patricks Shelbourne Saturday probably not a game to watch.

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