Scott Parker is looking to add firepower for Fulham during the transfer window

Scott Parker is looking to add firepower for Fulham during the transfer window

The Cottagers head to Burnley on Sunday having scored just twice in five games. Fulham boss Scott Parker has set his sights on securing a new striker in the transfer window as he looks to guide the Cottagers away from the Premier League relegation zone.

A run of four draws has kept the points tally ticking over but Parker’s men netted just two goals in December, and one of them was an own-goal by Newcastle’s Matt Ritchie.

Parker’s immediate priority is a trip to Burnley to face a team five points above his own, but the former England international admits his focus this month will also be on acquiring more firepower.

“At the beginning of the year we recognised where we needed strengthening and I thought we did that very well,” he said.

“We have one recognised striker in the building in Aleks (Mitrovic) so of course I think it is an area where we are light and an area where we would look to try and strengthen if we can.

“At the same time, we realise the challenges what January brings and this time even more so because of what we’re in.

“It’s an area where we are light, albeit we have a very, very good centre-forward, I think it’s clear in most squads in the Premier League there’s a bit more in depth there than what we’ve got so we’ll try and do something if we can.”


Fulham head to Turf Moor after their last match against Tottenham was postponed following an outbreak of coronavirus at the club. With Parker only confirming there had been a number of positive tests.

And while a potential lack of first-team regulars could put the visitors at a disadvantage. Parker was refusing to feel sorry for himself.

“It’s definitely not a level playing field but you experience that throughout the season of course,” he said.

“I suppose the severity of it, there needs to be an understanding that you could have an injury crisis in a season where you miss players or you’re missing key personnel.

“But in this climate, at this present moment in time. I do think there’s arguments to suggest that it could be very unfair in that sense.

“But that’s the world we’re in. This is where we are and we need to keep going. Prepare this team and we will prepare a team to go up on Sunday and get a result.”

To get that result, Fulham must overcome a Burnley side that have won three of their last five games. And Parker knows the challenge his side will be up against when they face Sean Dyche’s men.


“It’s a tough game,” he said. “Regardless of where you are in the league. It’s always a tough game against Burnley.

“They had a slow start to the season in terms of results. But have picked up some good results of late.

“It’s always a big challenge, they’re a team who can make it very difficult for us. Turf Moor has always been a tough place to go.

“They defend their box very well and their set-plays are a key threat. They bring a real energy, everyone understands their roles and where they can hurt teams and cause you problems.

“They’ll make the game uncomfortable at times and we need to be prepared for that the best we can.”

Scott Parker is looking to add firepower for Fulham during the transfer window

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