Luis Suarez Atlético de Madrid transfer news !!!

Luis Suarez the 33 year old Uruguayan forward has agreed personal terms agreed with Atlético de Madrid.

It’s one down for Atletico as they are after a staggering four more forwards.

It is reportedly this two year deal is on condition that he’s not even guaranteed a starting position, maybe its covid, maybe its family maybe he just didn’t fancy fish n chips, or pasta, but he’s staying in Spain.

Time will tell what happened with the rest of his contract with the Catalan giants Barca; Due or Not Due.

It’s over to the Abogados to start adding up those billable hours to settle and just how much dinero will be going to the Nou Camp, now thats going to be good TV.

Juventus were one of many that had hoped to sign him but are now trying to close on Álvaro Morata! €10m loan + €45m with buy option.

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