Leipzig v Schalke 04

(3 October 2020, 17.30 GMT)

It took longer than expected to be perfectly honest. But David Wagner has been fired as Schalke coach after their shameful defeat against Werder Bremen (1-3) last weekend.

This team needs a complete philosophical and tactical overhaul and it should’ve happened yesterday.

Turning over a new leaf was necessary, but it’s going to be an awful start to a new story, because Leipzig won’t spare them here, they are in for a hammering.

Despite the departure of Werner, Leipzig still has amazing players such as Angelino, Sabitzer and Upamecano. They will dominate Schalke from the outset here, going with -0.50 Leipzig with odds of 1.27 and up to 10.00 for the opposition if your crazy enough to back that, odds are odds for a reason but maybe you are insane or like burning money, this my readers and friends is an easy win,  money in the bank, as good as getting a return just now with this safe as houses.

We would strongly urge you to bet on this Leipzig v Schalke 04, its not like Schalke are getting 04 goals. 🙂

1.26 BetPat is a good bet

1.25 Bet365

1.22 SkyBet

This is going to walk in the park.

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