Huddersfield – Nottingham (25 September, 19.45 GMT) I’m sorry Lamouchi, but this is going to be your last game as manager of Nottingham.

The season has seen 180 minutes so far per team, enough time to find the goal; you would think. This is apparently not the case for these two teams. 0 goals scored so far and they both look quite terrible, in lack of better wording. It was a bit expected that Huddersfield wouldn’t fight for promotion, but this is the case at Nottingham.

The biggest problem? Manager Lamouchi would play with 4 goalkeepers if it was allowed.

They have so many attacking talents who are keeping the bench warm.

Huddersfield will bring the final nail in the coffin for Lamouchi by winning here, great odds for both teams, take my word for it and I”m not often wrong.

2.65 BetPat
2.62 Bet365
2.62 BetVictor

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