2020 DC vs CSK

History tells everything:

Capital Delhi on one side and Super Chennai on the other, but if we look at the static, we see CSK completely overshadowing DC. Because they have 21 matches between them in IPL, CSK has won 15 times. This shows us that CSK will outnumber DC. CSK’s team is the best among the strongest teams. There is a player in this team, it is all great, Cool Dhoni, Firki Jadeja and many more. And at the same time Delhi Daredevils don’t have much better players than CSK, Shreyas Ayer, Rishabh Pants are very good in this team.And Stastik also tells that CSK has won the IPL title 3 times and Delhi not even once.


IPL 2020: Who is the winner of this match?

CSK is a very good team and played 2 matches in IPL 2020 one won, one lost. And that’s where DC played a match, they won it. There is a lot of pressure on CSK that they have lost a match. CSK has good batsmen, good bowlers and good fielders all. But DC has an average of everything, only batsmen can win DC.
This match is completely in the hands of CSK and they will win it.

Conclusion: In a word

The lion of Chennai will take this match of IPL 2020 DC VS CSK from Delhi.
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and the DC’s Odds  is 2.1 on BetPat.

You watch the match and have fun.

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