History Was Awesome.

You all know what, the history of these two teams is very interesting, you know why.Because there have been 24 matches between these two teams so far and it is fun that both the teams have won 12-12 matches. And tell you one more thing, both the teams have not won the IPL title even once, Isn’t it funny. Both players are very good batsmen, and Rahul made his debut with RCB, Kohli’s team.

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RCB have won a match in IPL 2020 and while KXIP have lost one match, in this match Punjab will try their best to improve their record as much as possible. And will not miss a chance. If RCB is an earthquake, then there is a KXIP tsunami, both of them are very dangerous.

 Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers, the partnership of both is very amazing. Together, both have held the record innings of the first and second positions in IPL history. Together, both are extremely capable of carrying 200+ runs.The match is being held at Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai.


We have talked a lot about the Bangalore’s Royal Challengers and now let’s talk about 11 kings of Punjab (Just Say).The captain of this(KXIP) team has scored a lot of runs in IPL by playing the fewest matches and keeping his strong strike rate and we cannot forget that Maxwell is not less than anyone and he has great power and they will try their best, And they also have better bowlers like Mohammad Shami,Mujib ur Rehman. But RCB also has good bowlers who bowl very well like Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendera Chahal.

Due to this, statstic says that RCB can win the match in IPL 2020 : KXIP VS RCB , but it is not so that if RCB bowling first then more chances of 11 kings of Punjab will win.

Conclusion : Putting in a Nutshell.

 After seeing and understanding all the things, we have come to understand that RCB will add this match to their IPL’s win count. And KXIP, in order to win, they have to do their best in bowling. From my point of view RCB will win this match on one side.

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