How To Bet From China?

Your in Beijing and Man U are playing Liverpool later and you want to put a bet on, and you get denied to access your favourite sports betting site or even worse your Chinese you know its dam Illegal. But still you want to still bet against the strict consequences then read on and learn how to bet from China. At the end you get, China Betting Tips

We all love a bet, but no one bets more in the world than the Chinese, they are mad for it, the markets HUGE, and GROWING. Everyone know that in China everyone gambles, it made Macau overtake Vegas as the no1 in revenue for gambling revenue.

People are even employed to take a cut and take your money from Macau back to China. But with stricter money controls at the Border and a limit on what you can now being back in to China, more and more people are moving online to casinos and sports betting, how it’s not as easy as just visiting your fav site .com

How to Bet Online in China !

But isn’t it illegal ?

How can you bet ?

The answer is lays here, and this is how to do it. !

Ever since 1949 Betting in China has been declared Illegal by the Communist Party, Domains like etc get blocked. You will be denied by the government at the least for accessing, in China even Facebook is blocked, what hope do you have.

Bet365 say they don’t operate in China and quite public about it. But hey they have a Chinese only call centre in Stoke, mmm ok… lets continue.

A quote form the Guardian years ago said.

Bet365 said that its internet gambling operations in China are breaking no laws despite the country having outlawed all betting. 

“In the view of bet365, and its lawyers, Chinese law does not extend to the provision of services into China by gambling operators. And service providers who themselves have no nexus with the territory. Any allegation of illegality on the part of Bet365 is therefore untrue.” 

So how do you gamble online if your in China ?

First for additional safety it is, China Betting Tips, to install a VPN a (virtual private network), at a cost of around $10 a month. From someone like IPVanish or NordVPN actually any VPN provider, the cheaper ones don’t tend to work great. And your information can be scrapped by the owners, so spend wisely and check the reviews. From here you can pick a country like South Korea, but once connected your free. And this is the first point to hide your identity, but how do you bet from China ?

First visit BLOCKED



Answer Mirror Sites !

Mirror sites are created, which is a mirror of the whole website. They often change or you need search for the latest they will have a different URL from the main site. These sites are updated every day to keep on top of the strict Chinese government.

This is an example of Mirror sites you can use in China today. Bet365 Mirror = Bet365 Mirror

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