Excitement as Gunnersaurus returns to Arsenal – but who is beneath the suit?

Excitement as Gunnersaurus returns to Arsenal – but who is beneath the suit?

Long-time Arsenal mascot Jerry Quy made redundant in October. Drawing widespread criticism. Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus has made his first public appearance. Since man inside costume made redundant by the club last month.

Jerry Quy has portrayed Gunnersaurus for the past 27 years, but was made redundant as part of a job-cutting scheme implemented by Arsenal in the summer – inspiring fundraisers and an offer for his wages to be paid in full by Gunners midfielder Mesut Ozil.

On Tuesday the character’s Twitter account posted a photo from the Emirates Stadium, but it is uncertain who is playing Gunnersaurus in the image.

PA news agency understands there a roster of people. Now the filling role of Gunnersaurus and club offered Quy to part of this.

Arsenal spokesperson said. “As we’ve always said Gunnersaurus important part of Arsenal. And the popular figure for our fans around the world.

“Gunner never went away. But due to virus restrictions there have limited opportunities for him to appear in public.”


The post received over 40,000 likes less than an hour. After posted, with many fans appearing to the mascot itself had set not to return. And welcoming him back.

Ozil, who reportedly earns £35

0,000-a-week, offered to pay for the “famous and loyal mascot” to continue as long as he plays for Arsenal.

The gesture drew praise from plenty, including Labour leader and Gunners fan Sir Keir Starmer.

“That’s the kind of message footballers should be sending,” said the Labour leader’s spokesman.

“Keir is a passionate supporter of Arsenal and he was disappointed by the club’s decision.

“All football clubs, particularly those wealthier clubs, at this difficult time should be showing how they are supporting their staff.

“Football clubs need to demonstrate the values that have come out so strongly during this pandemic, which is compassion, decency and fairness, and we hope all the clubs take this on board.”

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