Germany v Turkey

(7 October 2020, 19.45 GMT)

Before their respective games in the Nations League later in this week, both teams will start of this international round with a so-called ‘warm-up game’, but while this is the case for dozens of squads in the coming week; not so much for these two. Many people of Turkish descent live and work in Germany and this has been the case for tens of years already. No problem with that, but it is when it comes to football.

A footballer with two passports can pick between two countries to play for and many Turkish players decided against Turkey and picked Germany over them and vice versa. The only thing at stake here is the honour, but that’s more than plenty for these two. Germany will have to play Ukraine on Saturday for the Nations League, but won’t back down or take it slow during this game; the same goes for Turkey who will face Russia on Sunday.

The visitors here have quite a decent squad, one that can play in the World Cup and maybe even progress from the group stage, but that still leaves a massive gap in quality between them and Germany and the latter will show how big that gap actually is.

Germany v Turkey

I’m going with -1 Germany here with odds of 1.71 the odds are moving up on this from earlier when I was looking, this is the wise man bet, odds for 1.7 + above are with BetPat, followed by Bet365 then BetFair

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