FA to investigate Edinson Cavani social media post

FA to investigate Edinson Cavani social media post

The Manchester United striker used a racial term in response to a congratulatory message on Instagram The Football Association will look into a social media post made by Edinson Cavani that could land the Uruguayan in hot water.

The striker inspired Manchester United’s comeback 3-2 victory over Southampton. With two goals after coming off the bench. And Replying to a message of congratulations on Instagram. Cavani used the Spanish term ‘negrito’, which translates as ‘black’.


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A post shared by Edinson Cavani (@cavaniofficial21)

United stressed that the word was clearly used in an affectionate manner and has different connotations in South America, where Cavani is from.

The club said the 33-year-old had made aware such terms viewed as offensive in the UK and he subsequently deleted the post.

And also FA, which is aware of the matter and will investigate Issued guidelines ahead of this season clamping down on the racist and discriminatory language and behaviour, with offences on social media carrying a minimum three-game ban.

Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva and Dele Alli of Tottenham Both suspended for one match last season After posts that breached FA guidelines.

FA to investigate Edinson Cavani social media post

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