Everton – Liverpool

(17 October 2020, 12.30 GMT)

Worldwide, there are hundreds of derbies. From a game between two amateur sides all the way to AC Milan – Inter Milan. This particular game is a bit below that, but make up for it by the sheer passion/hate between the two.

Many competitions are trying to fabricate a ‘rivalry’ between clubs, but this is absolutely not necessary for these sides. The hate for one another is so, so intense. Logically, the difference in quality between the two has been getting bigger and bigger in the latest years.

Especially since Jurgen Klopp took over. The German manager elevated Liverpool to new heights and they look like staying at the absolute top. But here is the weird part of this particular derby: Everton is above Liverpool. And it gets even crazier: Everton is topping the table after winning their first four games.

Liverpool won their first three, but was then part of history when Aston Villa defeated them with a whopping 7-2! Liverpool will want to bounce back from this humiliating defeat and what’s more perfect than doing this against your arch enemy. I’m expecting an interesting game where Everton can ‘play along’ for a while, but the level of intensity that Liverpool will bring to the pitch is going to be too much for them. Going with a Liverpool win here with odds of 1.86.

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Betting Platform Everton Winning’s Odds DRAW’s Odds Liverpool Winning’s Odds
BetPat 3.88 4.04 1.84
Paddypower 3.80 4.00 1.80
Boylesports 3.80 4.00 1.83

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