Betting In India

What is Betting

Betting is fun, exciting, nail biting and can even change your life for the good or better, people have been known to get rich beyond their wildest dreams earning double, triple or more life changing amounts of money, even becoming a millionaire is possible but note, it does come with risk. Betting in many countries can be legal or illegal so its good to check where you stand. There are many countries which have Laws to prevent betting in the Country like Iraq, Iran, Japan, China, India, Pakistan, & Sri Lanka to name a few. However most countries people gamble online regardless of the government restrictions in their country, these are regraded as black or grey markets by online casinos.

Betting in India

India is a Vast Country, there are too many languages, too many cultures. But one thing is the same all over India, that is Righteousness, Righteousness towards living, towards cultures, towards work, and Law and Order. And the righteousness does not allow peoples of India to break laws which are in the Indian constitution.

If there is no law in the Indian constitution so people of India can do so. Like there is no law for drinking alcohol, so they do so. Just like this, If the Indian constitution doesn’t have a law for betting. So people of India do so. This is one of the biggest reason why Indian do not bet.

Online Betting in India

So the best solution for Indian People is Online betting. As there are no laws for Online betting in India (except some states or cities). But there are one of the biggest problems are, Indian Casinos cannot promote or any sites that promote online gambling games such as Casino, Sports Betting, and Bingo. These are illegal to promote gambling and betting in India. But any Non-Indian company (so-called offshore) do so. But there is one more problem faced by Sports bettors in India is the fact that depositing to foreign bookies is extremely difficult.

What you can bet on in India

Cricket including the IPL, Football including the English Premiership, Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa Cup, Rugby, Darts, F1, Tennis, Boxing, eSports you can even bet on people playing against each other on Xbox or Playstation and often watch the live stream on Youtube or Twitch, there are so many sports you can make yourself a good earner from.

Payments Option for Indian betting

The majority of peoples uses Skrill (Money-Bookers) and Neteller for transaction in the industry of Online Betting. Some attempts to deposit using a Visa or MasterCard may fail and the same problem with online bank transfer, players are known to use the COD system which takes over 60% of the payment solutions in India.

To solve this problem, savvy internet users have started to use an e-wallet service for depositing. This is very important because it avoids legal issues that may have arisen out of F.E.M.A (Foreign Exchange Law)

The only requirement from a legal point of view is that the offshore companies (Non-Indian Companies) must have to offer Indian Rupees as a payment method for Indians.

Payment Options include:

Skrill Neteller Rupeepay PayTM PhonePE & Jio Money

And you can bet on BetPat, on Football

Also on many Sports only on BetPat

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